Yield Earning with Metaverse Farm on Thothus

2 min readFeb 21, 2022


Bending Finance of Metaverse

Thothus — the first platform of its kind, meant for the finance of Decentrilized Metaverse and blockchain-based games with all through one secure, transparent, and decentralized network.

Metaverse Farm

The protocol will offer farming of game tokens by staking them as collateral in a smart contract. Platform will offer yield farming to users, allowing them to receive a dynamic APY based on each token’s farming yield. This allows tokens to increase the liquidity on the platform while still being able to generate income via the yield.

Development of the Protocol

Thothus is utilizing the Plutus Application Backend (PAB) which allows the developers to make the decentralized financial native application faster since Plutus enables a larger concentration on the application’s frontend and business logic.

Leveraging the Cardano blockchain

Allowing secure trading of digital assets and services with the added benefits of increased liquidity and security. Thothus protocol will be utilizing smart contracts to execute its featured operations using the Cardano blockchain.

More Thothus features

Metaverse swap which enables users to buy and sell digital game assets with other players in a trustless environment.

Metaverse Marketplace for gamers to auction their in-game Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with other users in a decentralized environment.

Metaverse Library combines the knowledge of its users, which creates a virtual space of helpful material, benefiting the entire gaming community with knowledge and compensation.

Metaverse Ranking in the platform analyzes the currently available crypto games and assigns each game a ranking based on their play-to-earn profitability.

Superiority of Cardano

As developers and investors realize the potential of the network to challenge the monopoly structure of the crypto world, we believe Cardano will become the layer 1 platform of choice. Since Cardano is a non-profit foundation, it offers many unique and advanced features that will appeal to most blockchain projects in the future.

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Thothus — a decentralized exchange and finance platform dedicated to the tokenized gaming industry.