Thothus: An Opportunity of DeFi Metaverse

4 min readApr 7, 2022


The decentralized financial sector has had to adapt over the past decade to keep up with the rapid growth of the digital asset market. In the tokenized gaming sector, Thothus is a decentralized trading and financial platform. Gamers will be able to trade, stake, auction, and monetize their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the site, as well as learn about the latest games and their respective play to achieve rankings. In this article, we will discuss why Thothus acts as a new investment method and an opportunity for DeFi Metaverse.

A Brief Intro to Thothus

Intending to provide a more robust financial platform for the cryptocurrency gaming sector, the Thothus protocol plans to implement its included activities on the Cardano blockchain using smart contracts. Thothus’ mission and objectives are summarized as follows:

  • To provide the crypto-gaming sector with a specialized platform that will meet the demands of everyone in the community.
  • To provide the benefit of the crypto-gaming community by allowing them to exchange, trade, and make use of their tokens and NFT assets.
  • To provide information on games and their play-to-earn rating, devoid of industry prejudice, to be made available to the community.

But Why Utilize Cardano?

Decentralization of the financial system is the goal of the Cardano blockchain platform. Peer-reviewed academic research forms the foundation of the system, which is created using the most recent findings from top institutions across the globe.

In terms of blockchain technology, Cardano is the first platform to be developed from a scientific perspective and research-first methodology. A worldwide team of prominent scholars and engineers collaborated on the development of the only blockchain platform, and it was done so via a process of peer review and iteration. Haskell is the first and only functional programming language to be used in the development of a blockchain network.

Few blockchains cater to the demands of businesses, and this one has a solid base in regulated areas like banking and the government. Additionally, Cardano’s layering design will enable other protocols to be inserted into the basic protocol to fulfill the demands of diverse use cases.

How Trustworthy is Thothus?

The security of our DeFi system is very important to us, and we take it very seriously. When it comes to maintaining protocols that benefit people, we understand the difficulty of launching a bug-free application and the responsibility that comes with it.

That means a lot of effort has gone into making sure the system is examined by top-notch specialists and that every line of code is extensively examined internally.

Thothus is administered by its community, which interacts through the platform’s main forum and votes on suggestions put on the site when suitable. To make big structural changes, the community will be allowed to vote while the Thothus team decides on lesser alterations, such as changes to Thothus farming pairs.

The Tokenomics at Thothus

The Thothus platform’s governance token will be (TOT). We also perform at our closed ecosystem with a market capitalization of $974,225, at a total supply of 95,000,000 tokens. When a user actively subscribes to one of the various pools, the Thothus protocol will reward (TOT) to users participating in the Metaverse Farm. Users may earn (TEUS) tokens by submitting paid material to the Metaverse Library, and they can also give and receive contributions from other users in the form of (TEUS) tokens.

Additional Information of Thothus DeFi

The Metaverse Swap allows users to buy and trade digital game assets in a completely dependable and trustworthy environment, eliminating the need for intermediaries. There are no central servers involved in the operation of the Metaverse Marketplace, which allows gamers to sell or exchange their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to other individuals. To assist the whole gaming community, Metaverse Library gathers and categorizes the collective expertise of its users, resulting in a virtual store of important information that is accessible to everyone.

Final Words

Oversubscription in the Thothus seed round and the subsequent whitelisting of projects that did not make it into the seed round reflect the high demand for high-quality Cardano-native DeFi applications. Whakaaro VC, in collaboration with private angel investors, acquired the whole seed round of Cardano-native TOT tokens for $213,750, which represented the complete seed round of 1,4 million tokens. Attracting increasing attention, Thothus’ DeFi is gathering pace and becoming noticed. Keep an eye out for further information by visiting our website —




Thothus — a decentralized exchange and finance platform dedicated to the tokenized gaming industry.